Events - Family, Gender and Equality Unit

As part of its commitment to knowledge exchange and the development of high-quality research, the FGEU has been active in organising a range of high-quality events, providing opportunities to develop links with other interested bodies, raise the profile of research within the Law Department on a wide range of important social issues and contribute to an ongoing process of knowledge exchange.

Child Protection:

  • ‘Culture, tradition, religion and the role of law: Protecting children in multicultural societies’ Speaker/roundtable discussion. February 2012.

For further information, contact Elena Blanco or Shilan Shah-Davis.

  • ‘The Munro Review 12 months on: Has it made any difference?’

For further information, contact Susan Heenan or Elena Blanco.

Past events

  • Inaugural Lecture for the Undergraduate Women’s Law Forum

Vanessa Williams, a partner in ClarksLegal presented a lecture to undergraduate students on career paths in law and the extent to which equality exists within the solicitors’ profession.

Roundtable Series on Child Protection (November 2009-Dec 2010):

  • First Roundtable on Child protection: Setting the Agenda for Future Work (November 2009)
  • Second Roundtable on Child Protection: The Munro Review (July 2010) Key-note speaker Prof. E. Munro with participants from and speakers to include: Patrick Ayre, Barry Kushner, Ray Jones, CAFCASS, NSPCC, Safeguarding Children Boards, legal professions and Bristol City Council social services.
  • Third Roundtable on Child Protection and Media (December 2010)Public Engagement event at Watershed Bristol attended by representatives of the national press (BBC2 and written media), UNICEF, child protection work, government agencies and academics.

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