Environmental Law Unit events

Global Governance for Sustainable Development: Focus on Sustainable Development Goals 16 and 17


  • Dr Graham Long (Newcastle)
  • Dr Sam Adelman (Warwick)
  • Professor Duncan French (Lincoln)
  • Dr Ben Pontin (Cardiff)

This event was a Centre for Legal Research (CLR) funded roundtable that happened on Thursday 9 June.

Atmospheric Trust Litigation in the United States: Pipe Dream or Pipeline to Justice for Future Generations?

Guest Lecture by Professor Randall Abate (Florida A&M University College of Law) on Wednesday 9 March 2016.

Watch the video of Professor Randall S. Abate presentation via Panopto's website.

Inter-university Environmental Law Student Conference (UWE, Bristol and Cardiff)

The 2015 student-led conference was coordinated with support by members of the Environmental Law Unit in collaboration with students and members of staff from University of Bristol and Cardiff. The event was held at Wills Building, University of Bristol in February 2016.

Rewilding: The Natural Restoration of British Ecosystems – Legislative Barriers and Opportunities

The CLR lecture by George Monbiot (an influential political and environmental activist) on Thursday 12 May 2016 was initiated by the former Head of the Environmental Law Unit, Dr Ben Pontin and was organised with the support of the Unit and the CLR.

Monbiot, discussed issues that surround 'Rewilding' the planet, including the legislative and regulative barriers currently in place to prevent returning habitats to their natural state, as well as outlining opportunities he feels exist to 'Rewild' despite the numerous restrictions in place. The lecture attracted academics and students from across the university as well as interested members of the public.

Listen via Soundcloud to George Monbiot talking about Rewilding: The Natural Restoration of British Ecosystems – Legislative Barriers and Opportunities.

Sustainability: Securing Regulation, Education and Technology for the Future

The BILETA (British and Irish Law, Education and Technology Association) 30th annual conference held at UWE Bristol was organised by Dr Martina Gillen. The ‘sustainability’ theme of the international conference was inspired by both the 30th anniversary of BILETA and Bristol 2015 – Europe’s Green Capital.

UWE Environmental Law Student Conference

The 2015 student-led conference held on Wednesday 11 March 2015 was coordinated with support from Dr Onita Das and Dr Ben Pontin and the Environmental Law Unit as a whole. The conference not only engaged students from Level 1 to PhD level at UWE (in both organising the event and participation in presenting on various environmental law topics), it also brought in external student participation from the University of Bristol.

The Green Economy and Human Well-being

This seminar on integrating human development in environment related economic policies - indicators and impact, was organised by Elena Blanco and Professor Jona Razzaque. Speakers for this event included Dr Sarah White and Dr Priscilla Schwartz. 

It focused on assessing the conceptual link between the green economy and human well-being, the effectiveness of economic and environmental indicators as well as difficulties in measuring the indicators of human well-being and social equity. Interest came from law and human rights academics, students and activists. Funding for this seminar was from the Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA) and was held on Tuesday 25 November 2014.

Human Rights and the Environment in the Anthropocene

This Distinguished Professorial Address was organised by Evadné Grant and Dr Onita Das in collaboration with the Environmental Law Unit and was held on Monday 3 November 2014 at UWE Bristol. Professor Louis Kotzé is the Deputy Director of the GNHRE, a network supported by the Unit.



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