Environmental Law Research Unit

The Environmental Law Research Unit provides a forum for research activity in the field of environmental and natural resources law. The Unit’s members are drawn from across the university (including scholars from the Faculty of Business and Law and the Faculty of Environment and Technology) as well as externally.

The Unit is premised on the belief that environmental problems are problems of the law and society. Members are concerned with the task of identifying new laws, or new applications for old laws, that are necessary for societies of the twentieth-first century to work in harmony with nature.

Environmental research topics

Our research covers the conceptual, doctrinal and contextual foundations of environmental law and environmental law reform. It includes a selection of cutting edge research topics which are rigorously pursued by members using a variety of research methods and processes. Research topics include:

  • Nuisance and environmental protection
  • Environmental justice
  • Environment and human rights
  • Environmental protection in armed conflict
  • Sustainable development
  • Marine and fisheries law
  • Natural resources and the green economy

Also, european environmental law, public participation, environmental governance and International environmental law and the global south.

Supporting environmental research and the wider university

The Unit supports its members in the development and implementation of their research and other scholarly activity, and encourages collaboration within the Unit and in the wider academy of the University and beyond (engaging with other external institutions and organisations interested in our areas of research).

Unit members also support various courses in the field from undergraduate to postgraduate level, notably:

  • Environmental Law (LLB Year 2 option)
  • Globalisation, Trade and Natural Resources (LLB Year 3 option)
  • LLM modules (International Environmental Law, Natural Resources Law, European Environmental Policy and Law).

The Unit also welcomes participation from students. For example, it supports student-led conferences and other activities.

Summary of Environmental Law Research Unit activities

Overall, the activities of the Unit include conducting research, disseminating environmental law, and organising events to discuss the successes and social, political and economic challenges in implementing and reforming such laws.

Contact information

If you are interested in the work of the Environmental Law Research Unit please contact Dr Onita Das via e-mail Onita2.Das@uwe.ac.uk.

Address: Faculty of Business and Law, University of the West of England, Frenchay Campus, Coldharbour Lane, Bristol BS16 1QY, UK.

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