Environmental Law and Sustainability Research Group

The Environmental Law and Sustainability Research Group provides a forum for research activity in the field of environmental, sustainability and natural resources law. The Group’s members are drawn from across the University as well as externally.

The Group is premised on the belief that environmental problems are problems of the law and society. Members are concerned with the task of connecting global sustainability challenges to the experiences of the communities and fostering innovative and practical law and policy solutions that are necessary for societies to work in harmony with nature.

Key research themes

Other themes include water law, renewable energy, extractive industries, sustainable development goals, green economy, rights of nature, neoliberal globalisation, coloniality and climate crisis, and climate change litigation.

Supporting environmental research and the wider University

The main goals of the Group are to advance research and teaching and explore the role of law in meeting contemporary environmental and sustainability challenges.

The Group supports its members in the development and implementation of their research and other scholarly activity and encourages collaboration within the Group and in the wider academy of the University and beyond (for example, engaging with other external institutions and organisations interested in our areas of research).

We understand that collaboration and community involvement are vital tools in tackling the environmental and legal challenges faced by the society. Key to this is addressing issues through conferences, guest speakers and workshops.

Engaging with international bodies in this field is also important to our research. Our members are sharing their academic knowledge and real-world expertise to help both our work, and that of the organisations we consult with.

Group members also support various courses in the field from undergraduate to postgraduate level, notably:

  • Environmental Law (LLB Year 2 option)
  • Globalisation, Trade and Natural Resources (LLB Year 3 option)
  • International Environmental Law (LLM Module)
  • Natural Resources Law (LLM Module)
  • European Environmental Policy and Law (LLM Module)

Other environment and sustainability related modules include:

  • Globalisation and the Law (LLM Module)
  • International Human Rights Law (LLM Module)
  • WTO law (LLM Module)

The Group also welcomes participation from students. For example, it supports student-led conferences and other activities.

View a snapshot of the work and research portfolio of our Research Group.

Staff members

Student members

  • Okechukwe Aholu (Faculty of Business and Law)
  • Ufuo Asanwana (Faculty of Business and Law)
  • Natasha Bradshaw (Faculty of Environment and Technology)
  • Cleverline Brown (Faculty of Business and Law)
  • Okor Efombrue (Faculty of Business and Law)
  • Noah Izoukumor (Faculty of Business and Law)
  • Siavsah Ostovar (Faculty of Business and Law)
  • Ana Pereira de Araujo (Faculty of Business and Law)
  • Yesaya Sendang (Faculty of Environment and Technology)
  • Francesco Venuti (Faculty of Business and Law)

External members

Contact us

If you are interested in the work of the Environmental Law and Sustainability Research Group, please contact:

Professor Jona Razzaque
Head of Environmental Law and Sustainability Research Group
Faculty of Business and Law
UWE Bristol
Frenchay Campus
Coldharbour Lane
BS16 1QY

Email: Jona.Razzaque@uwe.ac.uk

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