Activities of the Criminal Justice Unit

Members of the unit meet regularly to discuss their research and also organise regular research seminars with speakers from a wide range of academic and other institutions (the details of the latter are on the Unit "events" webpage). The unit has strong links with a variety of criminal justice agencies including the police, the probation and prison service and Judicial Studies Board. CJU members regularly participate in evaluation projects with criminal justice agency partners. Current projects involve one focusing on pre-trial detention, and another on the proceeds of crime in the Mekong sub-region. Unit members have also attracted large research grant awards from the ESRC, Legal Aid Board, Home Office, Legal Services Commission, European Union, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the National Health Service.

Research funding

Members of the CJU receive research funding from a number of local, national and international funding sources:

Cape, E., (2014 - 2016) The practice of pre-trial detention: Monitoring alternatives and judicial decision-making JUST/2013/JPEN?AG/4533, The project is being conducted jointly with Fair Trials International (who are managing the project) and 9 other international partners (European Commission)

Young, M., and Das, O., (2014 - 2015) Tracing the proceeds of environmental crime: case study of lower Mekong sub-region (SPUR 6, UWE Bristol)

Elliot, J., and McCartan, K. (2011) Access to communication technology for people trafficked to the UK (Faculty of Business and Law, UWE Bristol) (£2,100)

Jones, J. (2007) Legal Consultant and co-author of Report, Local Solutions to International Crimes: Trafficking in Women and Children in Wales, Cross-Party Working Group on Trafficking in Women and Children in Wales, National Assembly for Wales, 2009 (£4,500)

Kushner, S., Davies, J., Kushner, B., Last, K., McCartan, K. F., McKenzie, N., Redford, P., and Rumney, P. (2009/10) Evaluation of the SaRCS Programme in Wiltshire Probation Services (Wiltshire Probation) (£112,000)

McCartan, K. F. (2010/11) Public Disclosure and Sex Offenders in the UK: Social Evil or Community Empowerment? (UWE Bristol Early Career Research Grant) (£12,400)

Rumney, P., and McCartan, K. F. (2011) Development of the sexual violence network (Faculty of Business and Law, UWE Bristol) (£2,432)


Das, O., and Young, M., (2015) Lauterpacht Centre for International Crime Research Fellowship, Cambridge University


Young, M., Contributing Editor. The Journal of Law and Gender, Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (2013)

Jones, J., On the editorial board of Law, Crime and History and assistant editor of International Journal of Gender, Sexuality and Law (from 2013)

McKenize, N., Editor of the International Journal of Police Science and Management

McCartan, K. F., Book review editor of the International Journal of Police Science and Management

Rumney, P., Guest edited a special issue of the New Criminal Law Review examining attitudes to rape.

Unit Networks

Sexual Violence Research Network

Phil Rumney (Law) and Kieran McCartan (Criminology) have created a multi-disciplinary international network of scholars, students and professionals who research and work with the victims and perpetrators of sexual violence. This will address the realities and myths around sexual violence and be an evidence-based reference point for professional and members of the public concerning the issue of sexual violence. The Network has hosted various events including "Understanding and responding to sexual harm perpetrated by youths research workshop" and "Understanding Sexual Violence and Abuse: Causes, Consequences and Prevention".

SOLON: Interdisciplinary Studies in Crime and Bad Behaviour

SOLON is a consortium of academics and professionals/practitioners based in a partnership between the Universities of Nottingham Trent, Oxford Brookes, Plymouth, Liverpool John Moores and the West of England (listed in order of joining). SOLON has links to the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS) and Centre for Contemporary British History (CCBH), in the School of Advanced Studies, University of London, as well as to Rainer’s Communities That Care, and with a number of other universities, networks and centres interested in the themes of law, crime and history. SOLON has a network of over 350 members: academics, practitioners and students across a broad range of subjects and representing universities and institutions worldwide.

The consortium also works in association with the NCCL Galleries of Justice, the nation’s Museum of Law, based in Nottingham and a holder of important archive resources for the history of law, crime and punishment (including the national Prison Service Collection). Managed by a Board of Directors drawn from the partner institutions, SOLON aims to bring together academics and practitioners across boundaries of disciplines and experience through its website, its conference series such as Experiencing the Law, plus occasional events such as seminars. It has sponsored a number of publications, notably its associated online journal Law, Crime and History (formerly Crimes and Misdemeanours: Deviance and the Law in Historical Perspective)

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