Seminar speakers

Phil Rumney

Phil is Professor of Criminal Justice at Bristol Law School, UWE, and has written extensively about victims of sexual violence, including adult victims of rape, the policing of rape, rape sentencing, and social attitudes to rape, expert evidence and false allegations.

He has worked with a range of agencies, including the police, Judicial College and Royal Society of Medicine

Dr Kieran McCartan

Kieran is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at UWE. He has a track record of public, academic and professional engagement on criminological issues, including sex offender aetiology, management and societal responses. He has experience of qualitative, quantitative and mixed method research from funders including European Union, Ministry of Justice, ESRC and Wiltshire probation.

He is currently involved in research and knowledge exchange projects across the UK on the community reintegration and management of sex offenders.

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