Expertise - Commercial Law Unit

Unit expertise

Cyber financial crime and financial crime

A unit of research members is leading the way in their research into financial crime both in the real and the virtual world. Their research is renowned internationally and is highly respected. This area of expertise is continually growing and recruiting PhD students.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing poses series regulatory and policy issues for businesses but it also offers a source of freedom and space for information on the internet. The unit organised and ran a conference which examined the different regulatory and legislative advances which are being introduced because of the advancement of technology.

Credit Crunch

Researchers have organised conferences and seminars which have discussed and analysed the economic and regulatory effects of the credit crisis and have been able to offer realistic solutions to firms as well as offer unique academic insight into the crisis. The unit has also looked at the effect of the crisis on the young and the old as well as the associative link to financial crime and the credit crisis.

Consumer Credit

Along with the credit crisis research unit members have undertaken work has also been carried out on the effective on consumer credit and new legislative and policy decisions government is making. This has culminated in seminars and conferences looking at convenient credit.

CPD and Training

Members of the Unit have conducted professional development programmes/courses for UK Law firms and Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association in Vietnam. Additionally unit members have also developed legal education curriculum on international economic and trade law in Vietnam.

Unit members expertise

Tim Angell
Employment law and property law.

Dr Richard Ball
Expertise in all aspects of EU Law, including the constitution, free movement rights, fundamental rights, competition law and intellectual property, and the intersection of EU Law and intellectual property, particularly Vietnamese intellectual property law.

Elena Blanco
Globalisation and international trade law, international commercial disputes (including international commercial mediation, arbitration and litigation), foreign direct investment; multinational corporations (regulation, control, litigation against, and corporate social responsibility), international contracts (both at the substantive level and in respect of private international law matters) and trade and the environment.

Georgina Bensted
Counter terrorist financing on the Internet.

Cathy Biggs
Banking and capital markets, company law and commercial law.

Kerry-Ann Broomfield
The relationship between the regulation of the consumer credit market and the banking sector during the 'Credit Crunch'.

Kathy Brown
Contract law.

Professor Adrian Chandler
Contract-based rights and remedies; contract and tort interface and ownership and compensation for employee inventions.

Dr Clare Chambers-Jones
Banking and finance law, aspects of financial crime, virtual world, financial exclusion and legal education.

Viri Chauhan
Financial crime, criminal law and commercial law.

Christina Gorzkiewicz
Comparative company law; commercial contracts and developing sale of goods law.

Dr Eleanor Harries

Dr Sabine Hassler
Banking and finance law, corporate social responsibility and company law.

Maylene Jalleh
International trade.

Diana Johnson
Corporate law, competition law and commercial law.

Karen Moore
Law of business organisations, Legal Service Act 2007, personal insolvency, legal skills and education, pro Bono work and street law.

Robert Owen
Commercial property, property development, legal writing and drafting, property redevelopment transactions and commercial landlord and tenant.

Axel Palmer
Financial crime and the creation of the National Crime Agency

Dr Nicholas Ryder
Money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, confiscation of the proceeds of crime, insider dealing, market abuse, banking regulation, the Financial Services Authority, consumer credit and credit unions.

Lachmi Singh
Commercial law, contract law, international trade and shipping law.

Dagmar Steffens
Corporate law, private equity and financial regulation.

Stephen Thacker
Legal issues in an information society and in particular data protection, privacy and surveillance and consumer rights in ecommerce.

Rachel Thomas
Counter-terrorist financing and human rights.

Dr Umut Turksen
WTO Law, international economic Law, financial crimes, EU law, energy Security and regulation, counter-terrorism law, international relations and diplomacy, foreign investment, digital assets and commercial arbitration.

Jane Waddell - Associate Head of BILP
Corporate finance, capital markets, financial regulation and company law.

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