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Guest Lecture: Dr Alison Lui - "Was Australia lucky in the financial crisis of 2007-2009? - A comparative analysis between the Australian and UK financial regulatory structures and responses", 3 February 2015. Venue TBC.

Staff Seminar: Dr Umut Turksen - "Research Impact and Impact Strategy", February 2015.

Research Seminar: Axel Palmer - "Countering economic crime in the UK, US and Australia - A comparative Critique", February 2015. Venue TBC

Guest Lecture: Professor Indira Carr - "Corruption & Bribery in the 21st Century", April 2015.

Research Seminar: Viri Chauhan -"Illicit Financial Flows and the Culpability of Banks", May 2015. 


Seminar - Keynote speech: Solidarity and rule of law in EU’s Energy Relations with Russia: A far-fetched aim in the current state of affairs?
07 October 2014, The Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Helsinki. Dr Umut Turksen

Conference: The Global Financial Crisis and White Collar Crime – Legislative and Policy Responses: A Critical Assessment
04 July 2014, UWE Bristol Exhibition and Conference Centre. Prof Nicholas Ryder (UWE Bristol), Dr Sarah Wilson (University of York), Dr Alison Lui (Liverpool John Moores University), Tony Blake (City of London Police), Paul Keenan (Keenan Regulatory Consulting), Terry Greenhow (Avon and Somerset Constabulary).

Lecture: Friends with shared aims?  UK experience targeting crime overseas with partner states – The need, the roles and the issues
May 2014, UWE Bristol. Mark Bishop, (National Crime Agency)

Seminar: ABCs of KE
26 February 2014, UWE Bristol. Dr Umut Turksen and RBI

Lecture: Advocacy - Art or Skill?
06 February 2014, UWE Bristol. Hon. Christopher Gardner QC


Teaching Virtually: The Big Debate in Financial Regulation
November 2013, Conference: LSPI, Thailand, Bangkok. Chambers-Jones, C. L.

CLEA UK Lead and Executive Committee member of the Commonwealth Mooting Competition
14-18 April 2013, Cape Town, South Africa. Turksen, U.

Virtual Legal Education
April 2013, Conference: Commonwealth legal Education Association, South Africa. Chambers-Jones, C. L.

Cybercrime and Commonwealth Laws
March 2013, Conference: SLSA 2013, York, UK. Chambers-Jones, C. L.

United Nations Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Development
11-14 March 2013, The International Conference Centre London. Dr Umut Turksen


Conference: Fighting Financial Crime in the Global Economic Crisis: Policy, Trends and Sanctions
November 2012 (various sponsorships from publishers including CUP and Edward Elgar have been secured) Turksen, U

Cybercrime and virtual worlds
November 2012, South West Fraud Forum, UWE Bristol. Chambers-Jones, C. L.

Financial Crime in the Global Economic Crisis: Policy, Trends and Sanctions
November 2012, UWE Bristol, one day conference, obtained £1,900 sponsorship from Cambridge University Press, Routledge Cavendish, and Trade and Industry.

Financial advice and the elderly
October 2012, half day symposium supported by FBL.

Cyber Economic Crime and Commonwealth laws
October 2012, LSPI Conference Athens, Chambers-Jones, C. L.

Crime, Gambling and Virtual Worlds: Where the boundaries are crossed
September 2012, SLS Conference Bristol, . Chambers-Jones, C. L.

Youth debt and the student experience: the impact of the financial crisis on the young
June 2012, UWE Bristol, half day symposium supported by FBL

Technical Assistance in Trade Law
22 May 2012, WTO Headquarters – Meeting with the Legal Affairs Division. Turksen, U.

Convenient Credit and Consumer Protection
March 2012, UWE Bristol, half day symposium supported by FBL

Virtual Financial Crime and Commonwealth Jurisdictions
March 2012, BILETA Conference, Newcastle. Chambers-Jones, C. L.

Commonwealth Legal Education Association, Executive Meetings and joint conference organisation with the Commonwealth Lawyers Association
Chambers-Jones, C. L. and Turksen, U.

PhD Student Research Seminar

14 February 2012

  1. Axel Palmer, UWE Bristol, 'Grease, Bungs, Backhanders, Facilitation and Tips – just what is a Bribe?'
  2. Gauri Sinha, City University, 'Money laundering and banks: failures of the UK law through a comparative lens'.

Research Seminar – Consumer credit

31 January 2012

  1. Dr. Sarah Brown, Leeds University, ‘'The Consumer Credit Act 1974: recent developments in challenging contracts and creditor behaviour'.
  2. Professor Margaret Griffiths, University of Glamorgan.


Compliance to competitive advantage
December 2011. Viri Chauran, UWE Bristol (Former Director of Knowledge Management/Fraud and Revenue Assurance, Orange/France Telecom)

Half day Conference in association with the South West Fraud Forum, 'Does E-Fraud Exist?'

7 December 2011

  1. Dr. Clare Chambers (UWE Bristol) 'Can you ever regulate the virtual world against economic crime?'
  2. Phil Butler (University of Newcastle) 'Cybercrime - The good, the bad and the ugly! I'll need sound if that's possible?'
  3. Paula Thomas (Glamorgan), 'e-Fraud - How does it happen?'

Does E-Fraud Exist?November, 2011, UWE Bristol, one day conference organised in association with the South West Fraud Forum.

Can you ever regulate the virtual world against economic crime?November 2011, LSPI conference. Chambers, C. L.

A real crime in a virtual world: Discussing virtual money laundering Cybercrime 2011 Conference, France. Chambers, C. L.

Keynote speaker for the Ukraine national banking academy 2011 on the UK banking reform process
May 2011, Ukraine. Chambers, C. L.

Banking Crisis in the UK
February, 2011, The Second Annual Online International Conference on Corporate Governance and Regulation in Banks, Sumy, Ukraine. Chambers, C. L.

Commonwealth Legal Education Association Conference stream organizer and presenter for legal education and ethical training of lawyer
January 2011, India. Chambers, C. L.

Research Seminar – money laundering

22 November 2011

  1. Dr. Rob Stokes, Liverpool University, 'Let's go with Banks (Still) in a Bind: Implications of the AML Framework'
  2. Dr. Nicholas Ryder, UWE Bristol, 'Money laundering – an endless cycle? A comparative analysis of the use of financial intelligence as a preventative anti-money laundering measure in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada'.


How virtual are virtual economies? An exploration into the legal, social and economic nature of virtual world economies
2010, IBLT, Barcelona. Chambers, C. L.

Hung parliament: What now for the future of banking regulation in the UK?
27 May - 2 June  2010, A The First Annual Online International Conference on Corporate Governance & Regulation in Banks, Sumy, Ukraine. Chambers, C. L.


Banking crisis and the credit crunch: How the story unfolds
September 2009, Society of Legal Scholars, Keele, Chambers, C. L.

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