CLRU Research Funding

Current funding activity

  • 2015 – 2017 Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Grant – Welsh Government - KTP with Equas Ltd.
    Theme: Environmental Law Compliance Framework in the UAE
    Total grant: £153,000
    Status: Ongoing
    Researchers: Dr Umut Turksen and Prof Nic Ryder
  • 2013 -2014 Knowledge Transfer Partnership Grant – Welsh Government - KTP with Equas Ltd.
    Theme: Environmental Law Compliance Framework in the UK
    Total grant: £53,000
    Status: Completed
    Researcher: Dr Umut Turksen
  • 2013 – 2014 UWE – SRDF: The Global Financial Crisis and White Collar Crime
    Total grant: £10,000
    Status: Completed
    Researchers: Dr Umut Turksen, Professor Nic Ryder and Professor John Tucker

Previous successful funding bids

  • 2006 - 2009 MUTRAP III, International Trade and Economic Law in Vietnam (Capacity Building) – Commissioned by the European Union Commission.
    Total grant: £204,000
    Status: Completed
    Researchers: Elena Blanco, Evadne Grant, Dr Rick Ball, Christian Dadamo and Dr Umut Turksen
  • 2012 - 2013 Gambling in the virtual world
    This project looked at virtual world and social network gambling and whether a selection of top 10 games would be applicable to the Gambling Act 2005 and other international gambling laws. The project utilised a research student for a period of four weeks. The research was disseminated in a monograph, a conference paper and two research journals.
    Researcher: Dr Clare Chambers-Jones
  • Online banking and finance conference - This was the first online conference by UWE and dealt with banking and finance topics.
    Dr Clare Chambers-Jones
  • ESRC Follow-on Fund Grant. Social Innovation project in partnership with The Dolphin Society
    Total grant: £68,000
    Researchers: P-I: Anthony Plumridge, Lorna Collins. Co-investigators: Wendy Phillips, Mary Bishop, Clare Chambers-Jones, Richard Kimberlee, Dimitrios Christopoulos.
  • EACEA/36/10 EU-US Cooperation in Higher Education and Vocational Training. Atlantis: Actions for Transatlantic Links and Academic Networks in Training and Integrated Studies.
    Researchers: Lead: Lorna Collins. Team: Mary Bishop, Anthony Plumridge, Clare Chambers-Jones
  • ICAS - Risk assessment and compliance for accountants in the prevention of money laundering in the EU
    Total grant: £15,000
    Researchers: Turksen, U.
  • Avon and Somerset Police – Cybercrime in the Southwest
    Total grant: £40,000
    Researcher: Turksen, U.
  • BILETA Research Awards - £1,000
    Turksen, U.
  • Microsoft – The use of internet and technology in Human Trafficking
    Total grant: £40,000
    Researcher: Turksen, U
  • UWE, SPUR4 – Financial Crime and Compliance
    Total grant: £7,805
    Researcher: Turksen, U.

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