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International Law and Human Rights Research Unit

In the International Law and Human Rights Research Unit (ILHRU) we provide a forum for our members to assess the impact of globalisation on human rights and international law.

The way that countries, corporations and citizens interact on the global stage has changed due to globalisation. We support our members, who include scholars from across UWE Bristol and abroad, to look at aspects of law, politics and international relations including:

  • How should the EU handle the refugee crisis?
  • Do citizens in the parts of the globe hit hardest by climate change have a right to legal recourse?
  • Should special consideration be given to applications from LGBT asylum seekers?

How we engage with the world outside of UWE Bristol is at the heart of what we do at ILHRU. The interests of our researchers cover a broad spectrum, such as children’s rights, the relationship between the environment and human rights, and the effects of armed conflict.

We go beyond researching international law and human rights, as we believe we should discuss the latest topics that have the biggest impact on the wider community. Our members contribute to several leading blogs in this field, including the British Academy Blog, IntLawGrrls, and Euro Rights – an academic blog that provides timely legal analysis of human rights issues.

Our team also disseminates international law and human rights law through events, guest speaker sessions and training days. How free should speech be? What is the difference between free speech and hate speech? These are just some of the topics we have covered in workshops and guest lectures.

We are involved with the largest network of human rights and environmental law scholars in the world, the Global Network for the Study of Human Rights and the Environment (GNHRE). Established at UWE Bristol in 2010, GNHRE brings together some of the most exciting thinkers in this field for progressive, globally-minded conversations.

Several members of the ILHRU team make key research and technical contributions to GNHRE, which hosts the world’s largest online research repository dedicated to human rights and the environment.

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