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Environmental Law Research Unit

At the Environmental Law Research Unit, we believe that environmental problems are problems of the law and society. We see it as our responsibility to spark research, discussions and the creation of resources to assess issues like deforestation, car emission scandals, oil spills and carbon taxes.

Not only do we provide a forum for research activity in the field of environmental and natural resources law, we also examine the foundations of environmental law and how to reform it. We look at a range of issues that are relevant to the modern world, from sustainable development, natural resources and the green economy, to environmental protection in armed conflict.

We understand that collaboration and community involvement are vital tools in tackling the environmental and legal challenges lying ahead of our society. Key to this is addressing issues head-on through conferences, guest speakers and workshops.

Engaging with international bodies in this field is also important to our research. Our members are sharing their academic knowledge and real-world expertise to help both our work, and that of the organisations we consult with.

Jona Razzaque, a Professor of Environmental Law at UWE Bristol, is a leading member of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). This ongoing project is measuring progress on the United Nations’ commitment to meeting its targets on biodiversity and sustainable development. Another of the Unit’s long-term projects is helping Nigeria’s government to manage grievances amongst its population around the sustainable management of the country’s forests.

We host home-grown initiatives through which we share our skills, knowledge and passion for the environment, such as the Global Network for the Study of Human Rights and the Environment (GNHRE). This network of researchers, policymakers and community activists works on the issues that arise where the demands of human rights and the environment can cause conflict. GNHRE also hosts the world’s largest online repository of research papers on this subject with our team members providing educational and technical support.

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