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An overview of our applied research, projects and the services we offer external organisations.

The expertise and the knowledge that our researchers have developed within the Centre for Applied Legal Research (CALR) is being applied in real-world situations.

At CALR, we see it as our mission to empower people, organisations and governments with sound and evidence-based legal and policy solutions and services that enhance societal development. Our consulting services are one of the key tools through which we achieve this goal.

Our consulting work tangibly links the law – as it is and as it ought to be – with developmental needs across the multiple sectors as they relate to our CALR research activities. Our interdisciplinary consultancy work revolves around international law, human rights, environmental law, criminal justice, commercial law and family, gender and equality laws.

Since we launched our consulting services, our members have helped dozens of individuals, corporations, government officials and non-profit organisations tackle some of the most serious challenges they face.

Researchers from across our five research units offer legal expertise, resources, tools and technical support to governments, developmental partners, and civil society organisations both in a paid-for and pro bono capacity.

In general, we consult on specific legal questions tied to projects where we can provide a solution. That can be a document explaining the outcomes of recent research into a particular topic, such as human trafficking in Europe, or giving practical advice on how best to handle a business situation like evaluating human capital within an organisation.

Running workshops and providing training is a major part of our consulting services. We are well regarded for our detailed and research-backed training materials, and for the consistently strong advice we give during our police, judicial and prosecutor training sessions.

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