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Commercial Law Research Unit

Our researchers, doctoral candidates, students and collaborators in the Commercial Law Research Unit (CLRU) investigate issues affecting commercial bodies and the societies in which they’re based.

Commercial law affects every part of human life. Organisations in public and private sectors encounter legal issues every day, from determining the terms and conditions that need to be built into employment and procurement contracts, to outlining the minutiae of acquisitions and mergers.

Our focus is on a range of commercial law-related research activities, from corporate social responsibility through to how terrorism is financed. But our work goes beyond research, and our team includes advocates as well as academics. We are working to ensure that the gap between academic law and its practical application is eradicated.

One tool we use to achieve this goal is thought leadership. We organise events to foster debate on contemporary issues, bring in expert speakers to enhance learning and knowledge exchange, and hold multidisciplinary symposiums and conferences.

We’re also involved in collaborative work with companies and organisations outside of UWE Bristol. Our work with Public Health England, the human trafficking charity Unseen, and the Southwest Fraud Forum are examples of how we relate our research to pressing real-world issues.

We keep our research relevant, and we constantly track emerging trends to develop our expertise to tackle the problems that follow them. During the recent financial crisis, our team pivoted towards work that was both world leading and critical to informing the government on how it should handle the credit crunch.

The CLRU is home to the Financial Crime Research Network (FCRN) – a network of scholars, students, financial crime professionals, compliance officers and agencies based at UWE Bristol. From money laundering and virtual currencies to bribery and corruption, FCRN is fostering collaborative links with the financial crime and compliance sector on a range of projects and knowledge exchange activities.

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