LPC elective subjects

We offer a wide selection of electives for you to choose from, and aim to run most, if not all of the following 13 electives on the full-time course and the day release part-time course (on the block release part-time course, availability of electives can be more restricted due to weekend scheduling limitations).

This range of electives allows you to pursue a specialist career path by opting for those subjects that you wish to practice when you join your firm. Alternatively, you can keep your options open or create a professional profile, putting you in the best position when applying to employers.

Elective subject summaries


You will focus on the sale and purchase of private limited companies or their business. You will also consider buy-outs, the financing of these transactions and different exit routes. You will work with current precedents available from a major law firm, and are required to consider tasks normally undertaken by trainees and newly qualified solicitors.

Advanced Criminal Litigation

You will develop your knowledge and skills of procedures relating to criminal litigation in a practical, lively and stimulating way. The elective encompasses the role of the solicitor at the police station, preparing a case for trial in the Magistrates' Court and Crown Court, which will include consideration of drafting a brief to Counsel.

Banking and Capital Markets

You will develop an understanding of the law and regulatory requirements which underpin a City banking practice, dealing with different ways of raising debt finance in the banking and capital markets.

Commercial Law

Designed to develop your commercial awareness, legal knowledge and skills in advising businesses on buying and selling goods. The elective is very dynamic, moving with emerging business methods so now covers international sale of goods and e-commerce.

Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Providing you with a broad understanding of the dispute resolution process and aiming to give you the confidence to undertake essential litigation tasks with minimal supervision. Our course also recognises the growing importance of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in practice, considering different methods of ADR and the Courts' approach to ADR generally.

Commercial Property

You will cover a number of aspects of commercial property work including drafting, negotiation and variation of commercial leases; dealings with the commercial lease; taxation of commercial leases; security of tenure for commercial leases and the planning system with an emphasis on its relevance to conveyancers.

Corporate Finance

You will concentrate on the rules and regulations surrounding the raising of finance through the issue of ordinary shares/equities by public limited companies.

Employment Law

You will cover the law and practice relating to the contract of employment, its termination and the interplay between the contractual and statutory nature of the employment relationship employment. You will also focus on the protection of a corporate client’s proprietary business interests, the common law and statutory consequences of dismissal and the remedies and levels of compensation.

Family Law and Practice

Concentrates on the problems encountered by families, married or not, that are involved in a permanent breakdown of their relationship. As such, the elective deals with the law relating to divorce, finance and property disputes, disputes relating to the upbringing of children, injunctive relief in the domestic violence context and relevant aspects of the public funding, tax and welfare benefit schemes.

Intellectual Property and Competition

You will cover the protection of inventions, aesthetic/artistic creations, brands and the reputations of commercial undertakings. You will also consider the overlap between Intellectual Property and EU law as well as UK and European competition law.

Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence

Providing you with an introduction to the large and complex area of personal injury and clinical negligence litigation. The elective builds on knowledge obtained in civil litigation. The basic litigation procedure for both personal injury and clinical negligence claims are the same, however the skills required to pursue the claims differ.

Private Client (Estate Planning)

You will cover basic principles of tax and estate planning, will drafting, problems with capacity, enduring and lasting powers of attorney, post death variations and family provision legislation.

Public Childcare and Housing

Providing you with a practical working knowledge of Public Child-Care and Housing Law and Practice and a proper grounding in the appropriate procedural law. The first half of the course is devoted to Public Child Care Law and the second half of the course will focus on Housing Law and Practice, coving the principal aspects of a publicly funded housing practice.

Choosing your elective subjects

For example, for corporate/commercial practice, you could choose Acquisitions, Banking and Commercial Law; for high street practice, Advanced Criminal Litigation and Public Childcare and Housing; for knowledge protection practice, IP and Competition, Commercial Litigation and Commercial Law; for regional practice, Employment Law, Private Client and Commercial Property.

We will help you to identify which options to take to develop the skills and knowledge you need.

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