Pro bono Unit

The Pro Bono Unit enables UWE Bristol Law School students to provide free legal advice services to members of the community. Find out how you can:

What is pro bono?

Pro bono is professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment. Pro bono enhances students' lawyering skills and experience of law in the real world. The Pro Bono Unit was founded in 2008 and, over the years, has offered advice to many members of the local community and further afield. We have won awards and been nominated for awards from Law Works, The Lawyer and Bristol Law Society.

Student involvement

As a UWE Bristol Law School student, you can get involved in a variety of projects, from supporting local residents in dealing with community issues to providing free legal advice and assistance to members of the public. This pro bono work could be as part of a specific course or module, or more generally to reflect your legal and career interests.

It is a great way of gaining experience in legal work and developing your lawyering skills. You will also network with local practitioners, develop your employability skills and learn how to provide law-related advice.

Get involved in pro bono as a student.

Pro Bono Unit Services

The Pro Bono Unit offers services in a variety of areas: 

  • Business start-ups and those working in the creative industries 
  • People attending at The Bristol Civil and Family Justice Centre without a lawyer
  • Services for the local community and social justice
  • Schools and colleges
  • Working in partnership with local organisations

Find out about our pro bono services.

Local practitioner involvement

The Pro Bono Unit works closely, wherever possible, with local law firms, as well as advice agencies and other organisations. We value the practice-led mentoring and advice offered by a partners on initiatives such as the Business Advice Clinic, Team Entrepreneurship Law, and our welfare benefits work.

Our current partners are Osborne Clarke, DAS Legal Services, Cook & Co, Gregg Latchams, TLT, EIP, Avon & Bristol Law Centre, North Bristol Advice Centre, Talking Money, the Personal Support Unit, Bristol Civil Justice Centre, Bristol Refugee Rights and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

UWE Bristol Law School is keen to work with legal businesses, advice agencies and charities. If you would like to work with us, please contact Marcus Keppel-Palmer, Director of Pro Bono, at

Media enquiries

If you have a media enquiry about the University’s pro bono activity, please contact Marcus Keppel-Palmer at

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