Mental Health

BBS Student Advice Centre

The Faculty operates a ‘duty of care’ register. Should you perceive that a student is acting in a way that might indicate unusual stress or inappropriate behaviour arising, for example, as anger, withdrawal or sudden change in appearance or demeanour, you can email BBS Student Advice Centre with the student name and simply state ‘I am concerned’.

If multiple concerns are expressed the SAC will attempt to contact the student,  and may involve the Wellbeing Service. See Appendix 4: Duty of care - guidance notes for staff for more detail on this process.

The Wellbeing Service

The Wellbeing Service is a central service which  provides support for students with mental health issues and works closely with Faculty Academic Disability Contacts on specific cases. They are able to provide crisis and on-going support and will take direct referrals, or contact a student direct as result of your concerns if the situation demands.

They have a useful ‘traffic light’ system for tutors which allows judgement to be made on next steps should a student raise immediate concerns. This can be found in Appendix 5: Crisis Response Plan.


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