Group work

Group work may require proactive intervention from the tutor. It is advisable to discuss the format of the activity with the disabled student to identify any inclusion issues they may wish to address. Group work may be very advantageous as the student may be able to focus on key strengths within the team rather than having to perform all tasks equally comfortably.

Tutors should set clear parameters for good group work in advance for all students, to ensure that all students get equal opportunity. Where there may be additional considerations such as the use of sign language interpreters, the student may prefer the tutor to mediate with the other members of the group – prior discussion of these issues is essential. It may be addressed as an issue of general participation – all students need to be given the full opportunity to contribute in the most inclusive way. As with all aspects, anticipation and preparation are key to inclusive practice.

Group work participation would normally have been addressed in the Disability Service on pre-entry assessment where there are complex disabilities, and guidance provided as to appropriate adjustments. Group activity may not be appropriate in the light of some disabilities and alternative strategies may have to be used in both learning and assessment.


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