General Support

All faculties have an Administrative and an Academic Disability Contact. They work in close communication with each other. The Administrative Contact is responsible amongst other things, for collation of records and processing information, and advice on standard issues and cases.

The Academic Contact is responsible amongst other things, for communication with academic staff regarding adjustments and advising the student and Disability Service on course specific issues relating to access and adjustments. If you need advice on accessibility or inclusive teaching, or have concerns about a student, or are advised of a disability by a student and it does not appear that this is already known, the Faculty Disability Contacts are your first point of call.

The Disability Service provides central advice and support for students and is also developing its role as a provider of training for staff. They are able to provide generic advice on specific disabilities, but will normally work through the faculty contacts.

In the near future all programme managers and module leaders should be offered and undertake training in disability awareness and inclusive teaching. The Disability Service will also be offering additional specialist training in relation to particular disabilities.


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