Appendix 5: Crisis Response Plan

Risk Assessment

In all cases of concern, within normal working hours, please do not hesitate to contact the Wellbeing Service on 0117 32 86268.

Below is a suggestion of questions to consider when faced with a situation where a student appears to be in crisis. To help your assessment please complete as much as you can and refer to the risk management plan for further guidance.

Low risk   Yes No Unsure
Is there evidence of self neglect? e.g. student not been eating/ is very unkempt      
Is the student’s anxiety or low mood impacting on their daily life e.g. their studies?      
Is there evidence that the student has moderately self harmed? e.g. superficial cutting      
Has the student become very withdrawn e.g. staying in their room more than usual?      
Medium risk   Yes No Unsure
Is the student talking about suicide and/or expressing plans to end their life?      
Is the student very depressed with one or more of the following: isolating themselves, a history of attempted suicide, using drugs/ alcohol, known mental health condition, friends are concerned?      
Is the student behaving in an aggressive/threatening manner and appears to be mentally distressed e.g. expressing paranoid ideas about others, experiencing hallucinations / voices?      
High risk   Yes No Unsure
Are there significant injuries from the student self harming e.g. deep cuts?      
Has the student been threatening another with a weapon?      
Does the student appear to be at significant danger from another?      
Has the student caused harm or is seriously threatening harm to anyone else?       

Has the student made an attempt to kill themself? 


Out of Hours Urgent Response Plan

Risk Assessment

Based upon your risk assessment please use the following table as guidance for how to respond.  This code is a guide so there may be occasions when your decision is different. Remember all you can do is your best at that time.

Level of Severity Emergency High Moderate
Definition Violent or threatening behaviour to self and/or others; actively suicidal. Unstable functioning; maybe acutely psychotic and at risk to self/others; significantly depressed with clear suicidal intent. Functioning significantly affected, very distressed and/or fearful, may have suicidal thoughts.
Examples of Behaviour Overdosed; deep wrist cuts; have injured others, have a weapon and threatening to use it, maybe intoxicated. Expressing suicidal thoughts, significant self harm behaviour, clear paranoid ideas, and distressing/derogatory command hallucinations. Highly anxious, chaotic presentation, pacing, insomnia, isolating/withdrawn, uncharacteristic behaviour.

Call the emergency services on 9999 (if using an internal phone)


If using a mobile  ring 0117 3289999 which connects to the Gatehouse staff who coordinate emergencies.


This applies for all campuses in Bristol.

Telephone student’s GP and request an urgent appointment and/or contact Out of Hours GP 111.  Suggest student goes to A&E or telephone for an ambulance if needed.

Bristol Crisis Service can be contacted on 0300 555 0334 for advice for staff/support for student and may be able to assess out of hours if indicated.

Minimise escalating situation by reducing stimulus e.g. asking others to leave.  Remain calm, supportive and reassuring.  Ask student what would help.  Encourage student to make an appointment with their own GP ASAP.


Ask student to make an appointment with the Wellbeing Service ASAP on 0117 3286268 or by filling out the online application form.
Additional Information Keep yourself and others out of danger and debrief afterwards with Wellbeing staff.

Remain calm, encourage other to move away and debrief afterwards. Keep yourself and others out of danger.

If there is any danger of risk to self or others do not hesitate to call the Police (9)999.  If using a mobile call 999 and the East Reception on 0117 3282552 (who coordinate emergency calls).

Provide telephone support numbers.

Samaritans 116 123

MindLine 0808 8080330

SaneLine 0845 767 8000

NHS 111



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