Appendix 3 - UWE library services alternative formats: information for faculty

Our service definition is below:


  • The alternative formats service will convert core texts.
  • Additional readings will be the responsibility of support workers.
  • The Alternative Formats Officer can provide advice and training for students and support workers so that they can produce their own formats.
  • Faculties will be responsible for producing their own materials in alternative formats, with advice from the Alternative Formats Officer.


  • Scan journal articles and chapters from books
  • Can produce PDF or Word format
  • Can download to CD or email to student
  • Can scan whole books where visually impaired copyright applies

DAISY format

Documents can be produced in DAISY format, so audio formats can also be produced.

Liaising with publishers

  • to check whether an alternative format is already available.


  • Up to 6 pages of text  (unchecked)
  • Larger documents to be outsourced.


  • Make PDFs accessible for screen readers

Re-formatting text 

  • Change fonts
  • Line spacing
  • Print on coloured paper.

Train support workers

  • Train to use scanners and produce alternative formats.
  • Core texts are the responsibility of the institution and additional readings, the responsibility of support workers.

Services that cannot  be provided

  • Video transcriptions or sub-titling (will be outsourced if it cannot be done elsewhere in UWE)
  • BSL (will be outsourced)
  • Braille transcriptions for exam papers, tables, diagrams as accuracy cannot be checked (will be outsourced)
  • Raised diagrams (will be outsourced
  • Reading texts
  • Examination materials should be made accessible by those who produce them.

Turnaround time

  • 10 working days.

Access to the service

  • Students would need to be referred by the Disability Service or by their faculty or school. Disability contacts in the faculties could refer them to the service.  This needs to be recorded.
  • An initial appointment to be set up with the Alternative Formats Officer to discuss requirements, if feasible.  For students based at other campuses this may be phone or email contact.
  • Core texts would need to be identified by the schools or faculties.


  • Charges will cover materials only
  • Printing, photocopying and brailing will be charged at 4p per sheet. 
  • CDs will not be charged for.
  • Some materials which are outsourced may be covered by the library alternative formats budget.
  • Students may be able to claim from the Disabled Students Allowance.


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