Appendix 1 - Undergraduate Blackboard Courses - Button Names

In addition to the above changes I would like to encourage undergraduate module leaders to move to a common set of button names within Blackboard. Student feedback indicates that one of the common problems is that different modules put content in different places.

I would not wish this to limit your creativity in the use of Blackboard but is just intended to ensure some commonality in the students’ experience of the Blackboard environment.

Business School Minimum Requirements And Naming Conventions

Banner To identify module title and code with module run (useful where multiple concurrent module runs)
Announcements Welcome and how to use the module’s Blackboard course, what they will find where (especially lecture slides), expectations about use, how communication is to be handled within the module (Blackboard announcements, Portal announcements, UWE email)
Staff Details Preferred mode of contact, email address, office hours. Photos (available from LARTU)
Module Information Module specification.
Teaching Materials Materials that support face to face sessions i.e. lectures or seminars. University week number to be used as identifier (so that numbers used link to students’ timetables) in addition to any other.

Assessment strategy for the module, Component B /coursework and Component A/exam.

Feedback strategy for the module.

Details of assessments – assessment criteria, marking grids, generic feedback.

Exams – revision materials,  links to past exam papers in the Content Collection.

Links as appropriate to Study Skills for the development of research, writing and reading.

Links to assessment processes and university regulations.

Any further menu buttons are optional, but those not populated are to be removed.



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