Doctoral research

PhD Students

Christopher Lipp

Christopher is a doctoral researcher in the IOMS Research Group at UWE Bristol under the supervision of Professor Glenn Parry. His proposed research is focused on the role of business and innovation centres in the development of young, innovative firms. His background is in international management, innovation management and entrepreneurship. He completed his MSc at the University of South Wales and the IPAG Business School, Nice.

Ellen Hughes

Ellen is a doctoral researcher in the IOMS Research Group at UWE Bristol under the supervision of Professor Glenn Parry.

Her proposed research:
What attracts designers to Bristol and why do they stay? Designers’ experiences of migration to the city, 1974 – 2015.

Bristol has been identified as an important UK city for design, home to a large number of designers working across a wide range of sectors from illustration, film and TV, to architecture and engineering. Ellen’s PhD research examines the motivating factors in designers’ migration to Bristol in the context of the individual’s life story. Traditional migration theory suggests that individuals migrate for economic and lifecycle reasons. Richard Florida’s Creative Class theory claims creative workers are highly mobile and are attracted to places that facilitate their lifestyle preferences. Empirical evidence finds little support for Florida’s theory, suggesting instead that traditional factors are as important for creative workers as they are for their non-creative counterparts. Other factors have also been highlighted: social networks, and an individual’s personal trajectory. Through an analysis of 65 in-depth life story interviews with designers working across the sectors in Bristol, this research will offer a nuanced understanding of migration experiences, demonstrate how social and professional networks operate to validate migration and occupation choices, and identify the role of familial associations with place in location decisions over the course of life.

Ellen previously worked as an oral historian for the British Library on the Crafts Lives project, documenting the lives of the UK’s craftspeople. She has an MA in the History of Design (V&A/RCA) and a BA in Ceramics.

Jackie Barker

Jackie has worked in procurement, supply chain and operations roles in large tech companies and semiconductor start ups. As well as lecturing at UWE Bristol, Jackie is also a Research Fellow for the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences at UWE Bristol and runs an operations consultancy.

Jackie's PhD uses critical realism to look at the way citizens collaborate with the NHS, using a local health network as a case study.

Udonna Okeke

Udonna is a PhD researcher investigating innovation diffusion in healthcare networks, focusing on the roles of contractual and relational governance mechanisms.  His work examines how governance mechanisms such as trust, information exchange, and reputation can affect the diffusion of innovation in healthcare networks.   The study is part of a large collaborative research programme focusing on NHS England carried out by a multidisciplinary group of academics drawn from three different universities to evidence the value of an Academic Health Science Network (AHSN).


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