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Work, Employment and Society is an official journal of the British Sociological Association. Work, Employment and Society analyses all forms of work and their relation to wider social processes and structures, and to quality of life. It embraces the study of the labour process; industrial relations; changes in labour markets; and the gender and domestic divisions of labour. It supports contemporary, historical and comparative studies and both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.


Work & Occupations

cesr cover work and occupationsGet a broad perspective on the dynamics of the workplace and examine international approaches to work-related issues in this respected journal. Work and Occupations offers distinguished scholarship with an interdisciplinary perspective.

Work and Occupations brings you original contributions in a wide range of work areas, addressing such current topics as: Emotion, work, and labor; gender and race relations; globalization and work; immigrant and migrant workers; internal labor markets; labor force trends; labor-management relations; labor movement revitalization; networks in careers and workplaces; occupational safety and health; organizational careers; organizational culture; socialization processes; transitions between work, home, unemployment, and school; violence in the workplace; work and family; work attitudes and behaviors; worker cultures; workplace diversity; work group dynamics; and working in later life.


Labour Research

cesr cover labour researchLabour Research is the UK monthly that keeps you right on top of what's happening in the unions - from how they are faring under New Labour to how they are going for growth through recruitment campaigns and mergers. The magazine also provides regular updates on workers' legal rights and changes in employment law, as well as the essential information union reps need to monitor, and take effective action on, health and safety at work. And it gives the latest information on equality matters and European Union developments.


Community Work & Family

cesr cover community work familyCommunity, work and family are interconnected and central to everybody's life. The links between community, work and family have generated widespread interdisciplinary interest, which this journal draws together with a focus on theory, research, policy and practice. The Journal provides a forum for social scientists and practitioners to share experiences and ideas and debate current issues and controversies.


Journal of Education and Work

The Journal of Education and Work is an international forum for academic research and policy analysis which focuses on the interplay of the education and economic systems.

The journal examines how knowledge, skills, values and attitudes both about and for work and employment are developed within the education system. The journal also explores the various forms of industrial training and accreditation in the economic system, including changes in the economic and industrial infrastructure which influence the type of employees required. Work in the informal economy is also included.

The Journal of Education and Work has a particular interest in comparative studies of skill formation and especially the transition from education to employment, how this process is structured and managed, and its effects on the young people, schools, colleges, universities and employers.

The journal publishes interdisciplinary papers which reflect the multifaceted nature of the journal's concerns. Articles are welcome from economists, psychologists, sociologists, educationalists, and policy analysts. The journal publishes case studies from practitioners which present innovation grounded in relevant literature and debate.

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