Case study - Stride Treglown

Stride Treglown have successfully hosted our students for the past 8 years - providing a fresh and objective perspective on specific business areas and enabling them to influence the quality of future employees.

About Stride Treglown

Stride Treglown are one of the largest architectural practices in the UK, with over 60 years of experience and an impressively diverse portfolio.

For the past 8 years, Stride Treglown have successfully hosted our students studying for their MA Human Resource Management, resulting in a good relationship and understanding of the training required. 

Reasons for taking a UWE postgraduate student

“This was an opportunity get a fresh and objective perspective about a specific area of significance to us; alongside influencing the quality of future employees.”

How did the process work

“We didn't initially get to choose our student, however, fortunately we were very well matched with our student. So much so that later we went on to employ him as a permanent member of our team!"

“We had the right amount of support from UWE. We knew there was someone to go to if there was a problem or concern but equally, we were given the space we needed to carry out the placement in our way."

Outcomes for Stride Treglown

“Our student last year looked at the way we carry out staff reviews. As a result of his findings and recommendations, we saved time and money by not implementing expensive review software (process focused). Instead we invested our time and energy in developing Team Leader capability (people focused) which was more important to staff."

Advice for other organisations

"Make your student feel welcome, help them understand company culture and politics. Encourage them to make new connections.”

Nicola Rich, HR Manager and Wellbeing Coach, Stride Treglown.

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