Recruiting students and graduates

At Bristol Business School (BBS) we aim to develop independent, confident, graduates with the practical skills and knowledge needed to be successful in business.

Graduate employability is being lead by UWE Bristol students. Real change has been evidenced in organisations, of all shapes and sizes, through their work. 

Opportunities available to your business

MSc Human Resource Management (HRM) - work based study

Find out more if you want free resources to explore a specific HR issue.

Postgraduate consultancy projects

If you have a business need our MBA, MA Marketing and MSc Management students will use their skills to create a unique solution for you.

Organisation Development Group Consultancy Project

Do you have a issue facing your organisation? Our undergraduate BA Business Management (Leadership, Change and Organisation) students will recommend actions.

Contact us

Email the Placements Team at if you require further information.

Discover more about recruiting our talented students and graduates.

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