Individual coaching and mentoring

Bristol Business School offers a one-to-one coaching service for executives and senior managers to help them identify and meet the development needs of both the individual and the organisation.

One of our experienced coaches will work with you to provide you with creative input and help you explore and reflect on business needs and issues.

We also offer executive and business coaching which involve a greater understanding of the organisational context, including the identification of the business challenges facing your organisation and your organisation’s values and ethos.  The coach will work with you to develop action plans and outcomes that fit with the organisational environment.

Coaching sessions can be delivered face-to-face, over the telephone, by email or through a combination of these, according to need.

Who is it for?

Coaching can benefit successful Executives and Senior Managers who are looking to finely hone their skills and knowledge and to develop their full leadership potential.  Coaching provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore new strategic directions and creative and innovative ideas. 

Coaching can provide a framework for your personal or employees’ executive development and help unleash individuals’ potential.  Coaching can be of particular value to those whose position or role may make it difficult to access challenging insights and different perspectives in their everyday working relationships.

Our coaches

We are a team of dedicated professionals who all combine many years of both business and academic experience with coaching expertise. 

Our particular specialty is in offering coaching firmly embedded in the latest academic theory, whilst maintaining a strong focus on practice.  Our team of academics and associates are both accredited coaches and skilled academics.  We have an unusually large number of coaches who work from a full range of coaching approaches and we will work with you to match the person to your individual needs.

Find out more

To discuss our one-to-one coaching service, please contact the Executive Development Centre on 0117 32 86303/86304

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