Why do a placement?

We strongly recommend all our students take up the option of the placement year, as it is an ideal opportunity to put some of the theory you have learnt into practice and gain some valuable work experience.

Statistics show that students who do a placement year on average get a higher starting salary in their first job.

Better career prospects

Enhance your CV, develop some important contacts, pick up some useful experience and get yourself known. A placement is also one of the best ways to demonstrate your competence, imagination and capacity for hard work.

It could lead directly to getting a job with the same employer when you graduate and other employers will value your work experience in a professional role. Your CV will be stronger and you will be able to talk enthusiastically about what you did during your placement year.

Better academic prospects

We find that students who go out on placement come back more mature, more confident and better equipped to excel in their studies. Your placement year also gives you the chance to develop research material for your final year project.

Better skills

Your year on work placement will also be an invaluable opportunity to learn some very important work skills - such as communicating with fellow workers, time management, teamworking, and IT.

… and you get paid!

There's also one other big benefit of the placement year which almost no student can afford to ignore - a salary. You can expect to earn between £12,000 and £16,000 (more in London) during your placement year, depending on where you work.

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