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Mary Bishop: I wanted my business students to have the opportunity to work on some business projects in the local community. The business school needs projects like tonight because the students need to be able to sharpen their practical skills as well as their academic skills, so that they are ready to talk to employers about what they’ve actually done in local community projects, as well as their studies.

Putting on an Act for Charity
Bristol Business School, UWE students worked with Jesters and Act4Africa to organise and promote a charity comedy night

David Trew: It’s been a sort of mini business venture for them - they’ve gone all through every aspect of what you would need to do, to set up and actually run an event like this and hopefully tonight they’re going to see the fruits of their labour, and have a damn good time.

Rashmi: I’ve got something really great to put on my CV, and I want to become an accountant when I’m older, so it will help me put all the theory that I’ve learnt in my course so far and put it into practice and see how it really works.

Vincenzo: I’ve enjoyed it all; I’ve been making new friends, loads of contacts with lectures and people involved with the charity project. We’ve been enjoying ourselves, having fun, and as well as that, raising money for the charity.

Mark: We get to put all the stuff we’ve learned in lectures and seminars actually into practice and it’s really good of them to do that for us.

Vincenzo: It’s not just about putting this on your CV, it’s about the whole experience, its about what we’ve been doing as a group, it’s about working together, it’s about being part of a team.

Rashmi: Basically it’s a huge group effort and everyone’s always got loads of great ideas to chip in, so it was quite a nice collaborative effort.

Mary Bishop: Well I hope they’ve had a lot of fun along the way, I think they’ve got increased levels of confidence in their own abilities because they’ve had some quite tough challenges to meet and they’ve met those challenges, and I think they’ve enjoyed working together and probably got a lot of team building skills as well.

David Trew: They’ve done a fantastic job, they’ve really worked hard. Ten of them took this on board fantastically well and I think they’ve done a fantastic job and deserve an awful lot of praise and credit for that.

Bristol Business School – Helping you get more from your degree

Growing Visitors for Bristol University Botanic Gardens
Business School and Creative Arts students combined their talent to present proposals for increasing visitor numbers to the gardens

Mary Bishop: I think the sorts of skills that my business students are going to get are learning to work in a team with creative people and having some hands on experience, and I think the arts students can benefit from the organisational and business skills that the business students bring to it.

Tom: The project mainly was about interacting with the botanical gardens of Bristol University and coming up with some briefs and proposals for ideas of how they could raise their profile within the community. It’s important for students to have these opportunities as it gives them a differentiator between them and another candidate.

Mithila: I think what I have enjoyed most is actually getting involved in something that’s real life, that’s a real project; just learning how people operate in the real world, is incredibly incredibly invaluable.

Will: These practical skills do help me with the course; having the ability to put them into the context of something that would actually happen in a working environment has been really useful.

Mithila: What I’ve got out of this experience is learning how to work and collaborate with other people and I think this has really helped me see what it does look like and the challenges that can be faced if you’re working as a group.

Hend: Any future employer will look first thing at your presentation skills to see if you are good at it or not, so it does help.

Mithila: It really shows you what it’s like in the real world.

Hend: Team-work, definitely.

Tom: Time-management is one of them.

Mithila: It made me realise that there is a lot more to tap into just within the university than I would have realised if I had been left to my own devices.

Will: It looks really good on the C.V. for employers to know that you’ve been doing voluntary work as more and more people are leaving university with a degree, it sets you out from the crowd.

Mary Bishop: They’ve got along well and enjoyed the whole team spirit thing of working with a different faculty.

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