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Why mentor?

Alumni Connect provides a unique opportunity for you to share your knowledge with those just starting out.

Your hard-earned industry expertise and job know-how is invaluable to students and new graduates making their way in the real world.

By mentoring you’ll be gaining new skills for your CV and encouraging new talent into your sector.

“There are many reasons I enjoy mentoring. My biggest is the satisfaction I get in seeing someone’s goals and interests become reality”

William Robalino, Managing Director

Top reasons to be a mentor

  • Give students and new alumni a helping hand
  • Develop new professional skills
  • Inspire others to join your industry
  • You decide when and how much you mentor

What services can you offer?

You can decide what kind of help you want to offer, selecting from:

  • advice via telephone
  • advice via email
  • reviewing a CV
  • reviewing an application.

You can chose to pause mentoring at any time.

Alumni Connect offers quick, user-friendly online mentoring.

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Any questions? 

Our Alumni Connect guide should answer any queries you have and help you make the most out of your amazing alumni community.

Don't forget to read our mentoring code of conduct.

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