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Global study partners

There are several ways you can study a UWE Bristol degree.

UWE Bristol-awarded degrees worldwide

We're proud of our global network of partnerships with educational institutions. These partnerships allow you to study a UWE Bristol-awarded degree in a variety of locations around the world. So you can study closer to home, and still be part of the UWE Bristol experience.

You can study a UWE Bristol-awarded degree in:


Middle East

South Asia

South East Asia

Progression routes to UWE Bristol

Progression routes to UWE Bristol allow you to start your studies at one of the institutions listed below, and complete it at UWE Bristol. This means you'll graduate with a UK qualification.

You can progress to selected courses at UWE Bristol through some of our partners in:




Middle East

South East Asia

Global opportunities for UWE Bristol students

Find out more about our global opportunities worldwide.

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