About the system

The UWE Workload Allocation Management Service ( WAMS ) is an online, web-based service that is designed to assist in the management of staff workloads. It has replaced the multiple spreadsheets that supported the academic workload model up until July 2013.

What does WAMS do?

  • It generates workload associated to different academic activities
  • It allows academic managers to allocate that workload to academic staff
  • It is a system for recording and communicating that allocation to staff

In short, WAMS can build a workload profile for each staff member and provide individual and departmental views of academic work load.


WAMS has the following features:

  • A web-based service which can be accessed securely via a compatible web browser
  • Secure multi-user access available 24/7​
  • WAMS has a large number of user configurable parameters that can be changed to meet the changing needs of the institution
  • Role based permissions to allow different levels of access to a variety of WAMS functions
  • An intuitive user interface which enables data changes to be made quickly using a standard web browser interface
  • Various workload reports will be available for viewing​
  • WAMS will remove the need to separately collect TAS (Time Allocation Survey) data which is used for the compilation of the TRAC returns to the Funding Council.

WAMS currency

Workload is generated in a currency which is called "Workload Bundles" (wlb). It is a unit of measure which recognises the professional nature of the work undertaken across the full academic role comprising some combination of teaching and teaching related (including supervision), research, knowledge exchange and development activities.

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