Other models and experiences

Three universities were largely involved in the Innovation and Transformation Fund project. They have agreed to share their experience of academic workload management in the videos and slides which can be found under the national conference resources.

A brief summary of their experience

The University of Derby

Before instroducing a workload model and system, The University of Derby had a number of workload planning tools. There was a lot of disparity across the University e.g. local customs.

With the sponsor of the executive team, a project was set up to standardise these practices so that staff could be treated equitably.

A spreadsheet supporting the model was created but was superceded as part of a second project by a database. However, the requirements for the system went into too much detail. This resulted in a rather clunky and cumbersome system which ended up being more of a reporting tool than a planning tool.

The University of Derby is now in the process of reviewing their model and system in order to simplify them. More flexibility needs to be added in the system and the planning tool needs to more adequately suit the managers.

Cardiff University

Cardiff University started working on a university-wide workload model in 2010 with a scoping exercise looking at workload management in its 27 schools. It transpired from this exercise that there were 27 different models or none in some cases.

Consequently, a small project team was put together in 2011 to work closely with 5 schools which already had quite comprehensive workload models. After extensive consultation with academic staff, a framework and guidelines document was prepared for publication in 2012.

A pilot then followed with initially 10 schools and was completed in January 2013. Feedback from the pilot were gathered in a report which partly formed the basis for the draft policy submitted to the University Executive Board and UCU in December 2013. The draft policy was also based on the results of discussions and involvement with the Innovation and Transformation Fund project.

In 2014, Cardiff is looking to implement a university-wide model with an IT solution to support it.

Falmouth University

Falmouth University attempted the development and deployment of an academic workload model and system but were faced with a number of challenges which meant that Falmouth University abandoned its pursuit to have a university-wide workload model. These challenges are explained in the video on the experience of Falmouth University.

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