National Academic Workload Management Conference

Aim of the conference

The National Academic Workload Management Conference took place in December 2013. The aim of the conference, sponsored by the Leadership Foundation, was to share Academic Workload Management knowledge and experience with the sector.

Several universities, as well as the Leadership Foundation and KPMG, reported on their observations and involvement with the project. UWE shared information and talked about the challenges which the University has faced with its own model and system.

The conference represented the culmination of UWE work with the Leadership Foundation.


The following conference presentations are available to download and to view online:

PowerPoint presentations Speaker presentations on YouTube
Introduction to the Innovation and Transformation Fund and Academic Workload Model project 


Presentation from Alastair Work (LFHE) on YouTube

 The UWE experience


Presentation from Professor Martin Boddy (UWE) on YouTube 

 WAMS demo


Presentation from Bill Ferrier (UWE) on YouTube 

 The key role of Faculty Administrators in WAMS


Presentation from Paul Cotter (UWE) on YouTube

 The Derby experience


Presentation from John Hurd (University of Derby) on YouTube

 The Cardiff experience


Presentation from Professor Terry Threadgold (Cardiff University) on YouTube 

 The Falmouth experience


Presentation from Phil Rice (Falmouth University) on YouTube 

KPMG's views on TRAC and the UWE model


Presentation from Andrew Bush (KPMG) on YouTube

 Model and system transferability update


Professor Martin Boddy (UWE) on YouTube

Questions and observations- Alastair Work (LHFE) YouTube presentation not available

Please note that the quality of some videos is not always optimal in terms of sound or image.

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