Stakeholder interview - IT Services

IT Services and the technical team participated in the development of the academic workload model and WAMS. Below are some answers to questions asked to the Deputy Director of IT Services. 

Questions and answers

What was your involvement in the workload model and system/tool (WAMS)?

"At the time the project was conceived I was Assistant Director for Development in IT Services, and therefore involved in preliminary discussions about the concept of building our own web-based service, the selection of a technology platform and the decision to adopt the DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Method) project approach recommended by the Deputy Director of our Transformation Services.

"I have keenly followed and supported the development as a member of the Project Board, but the design and development decisions have been entirely the work of the users, the development team and project office.

"My involvement during the development and roll-out has been largely a matter of ensuring the development team is appropriately resourced, that significant technology decisions are robust, and that the Project Board oversight includes technology expertise.

What lessons learned would you like to share about the experience?

"We have learnt much from this project about the value of iterative design and development, with developers working closely with users and project facilitators (specifically business analysts and project managers who support and promote reflective development).

"The development team have long employed agile approaches, of which the team leader is an ardent champion, but the application of DSDM in this project involved a higher degree of facilitation and structure.

"User engagement was placed firmly to the fore, and while I had some initial reservations about the cost of running the project in such a user-intensive manner, I believe we have been justified in our belief that the benefits would outweigh that cost. The solution appears better fit to purpose, with less need for remedial work and retro-fit."

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