Stakeholder interview - Human Resources

A Human Resources Business Partner was asked about the involvement of Human Resources in the development of the workload model.

Questions and answers

What was your involvement in the workload model and system (WAMS)?

"Human Resources Business Partners supported the development of the workload model from the start of the project and engaged with the development of WAMS from an HR perspective. As Human Resources Business Partner, I am a member of the Workload Model Governance Group and I represent UWE management in meetings with the UCU."

How did you and do you manage the change for academics which resulted from the workload model?

"Human Resources support local managers in the process of allocating workload, and support academic staff who are allocated bundles by allocators. HR ensure that training is provided and that enquiries relating to workload allocation are responded to."

Did you participate in Trade Union negotiations?

"Yes. I was involved in regular discussions with the UCU and represented – informally, in formal meetings."

What lessons learned would you like to share about the experience?

"There is a need to consider ways to improve the communication of the purpose of the workload model, its capabilities and capacity. Thorough training and development of all staff involved is paramount."

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