Stakeholder interview - Faculty planning administrators

The Faculty planning administrators are professional administrative roles, which play a key role in interfacing between the model and each of our four faculties and 13 departments.

Questions and answers

The manager of the faculty planning administrators was asked a few questions about the role that the administrators played in the development of the model and the system.

What has your (and the Faculty planning administrators) involvement been with the workload model and system/tool (WAMS) from the outset?

  • Providing understanding of current working practices around the existing WLM
  • Providing context and background to the faculty planning administrators role and historic working practices
  • Involvement in initial talks around processes/system function/background and context of the faculty planning administrators role.
  • Meetings with developers to sketch detailed processes for each stage of input eg student numbers, externally funded projects etc
  • Feedback on wireframes based on process sketching (including testing wireframes, feedback, suggested amendments/changes)
  • Weekly meetings (Fridays WLM-SAPI progress review meetings) to receive project updates, discussion around current/future processes, best practice, future working practices, system testing.
  • Ad hoc meetings to discuss particular issues that have arisen, clarification of processes etc

What are your activities pre-WAMS live date?

Activities pre-WAMS live date were

  • As above in terms of involvement in the project from the outset
  • Module forecasting
  • Populating WAMS upload templates
  • Training

What lessons learned would you like to share about the experience?

  • "The successful launch of WAMS and ease of using the new package has been due to the amount of input from faculty planning administrators and that of other relevant staff in the development."
  • "The WAMS development and project team worked throughout with all staff to ensure that the new system was fit for purpose and much more user friendly than the tried and trusted spread sheets."
  • "The WAMS project was managed well from a project management perspective. So far the system seems intuitive and quicker to move around that the old spreadsheet system. Will be interesting to see what the reporting tool is like as this will be an important feature of the system from a Planning perspective."
  • "Great that key stakeholders were all identified right at the start of the project and involved throughout its lifecycle. This meant that the resulting product was fit for purpose as both faculty administrators and academic allocators were able to advise developers as to the functionality required from the project outset."

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