Stakeholder interview - Academic ambassadors

Academic ambassadors representing each faculty were part of the development of the model and system. Questions were asked to a member of that group about their involvement.

Questions and answers

What was your involvement in the workload model and system (WAMS) from the outset?

"I was involved in the WAMS development process as Acting Head of Department (HoD). I attended the weekly Friday afternoon WAMS development review sessions. I advised on workload allocation practices and contributed to the design of the WAMS system. I can say that I participated in its development with the help of the faculty planning administrators, technical team and project management team."

What was your role in the design of the system (WAMS)?

"As Acting HoD, I contributed to the design of the interface and architecture of the system."

What is your role in the deployment of the model and WAMS?

As Acting HoD, I am responsible for management oversight of WAMS for the entire department. I ensured that WAMS was deployed consistently across the department, and that allocators received the right training for allocating bundles to academic staff and for using the system."

What lessons learned would you like to share about the experience?

"The testing environment was supportive and conducive to responsible development of the system. The system itself could (and should) be improved in future years."

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