About the Academic Workload Model (AWM)

The Academic Workload Model (AWM) applies to all academic staff on national academic role profiles (NARPs). It enables the management and allocation of staff resource to different activities in line with institutional objectives.

Main purposes of the UWE AWM

Transparency of the model

The first purpose of having an open and transparent AWM is to help ensure that all members of staff are treated in a fair and equitable manner consistent with contractual obligations. Importantly, in order to establish transparency and equity across individuals in the University, the AWM recognises that similar activity across the University generates the same workload requirements.

Operating within a sustainable financial framework

The second purpose is to ensure that the University operates within a financially sustainable framework. This requires each faculty to match its staffing resources in an effective and efficient manner in order to meet its current responsibilities and strategic objectives.

The distribution of workload across various activities is informed by the University’s strategic priorities and the UWE Learning and Teaching Strategy, the UWE Research Strategy and by faculty priorities and strategies/policies on Learning and Teaching and Research.

In order to evidence and demonstrate the principles of fairness and equity, the AWM adopts a common currency (“workload bundle”) which is transparent.

See the official UWE Academic Workload Model Framework .

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