UWE Academic Workload Model (AWM)

About the model

An outline of the purposes of the model and the actual workload model framework.

History of the model

How UWE started working on a workload model and how this work led to the development of an online system to support the model.

Stakeholder involvement in model and system design

A Governance Group and a number of stakeholders were involved in the development of the workload model.

Generation of TRAC data from the model

An outline of the work that was done on TRAC in the context of the workload model.

Staff research issues log

Introduction of the workload model for all staff, including research staff, raised a number of issues.

Lessons learned from designing the model

Key lessons learned by UWE through developing an academic workload model and system.

Transferability and conclusion

Background information on the concept of transferability of the model and/or system and the way forward.

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