Physiotherapy at the Centre for Sport

Physiotherapy and massage

The Centre for Sport offers a range of therapies and treatments, delivered by our team of specialists.

Treatments and therapies

Therapy for injury prevention

Chronic pain, overuse and repetitive strain injuries can be caused by poor biomechanics or postural alignment. A diagnostic assessment can often reveal these in their infancy, permitting a preventative treatment plan to be initiated.

A typical treatment plan may include soft tissue and joint mobilisation, specific stretches and exercises to improve body muscle imbalance, ultrasound, taping/ strapping and orthotics. The physiotherapist or sports therapist may also advise you on how to modify your training programme.

Therapy for rehabilitation

Acute soft tissue injuries can lead to swelling and inflammation. There may be damage to ligaments, tendons, muscles or cartilage. Physiotherapy can help to reduce the swelling and promote effective healing.

Once healing is established, effort would then be focused on education, maintaining joint mobility, and restoring strength and stability. Knowledge and understanding of your injury can help prevent reoccurrence.

Sports Massage

A deep form of soft tissue massage used to treat physically active individuals, who may be vulnerable to injury because of the stresses placed on their body. Sports massage is particularly good in the pre-event situation, whether your needs are for relaxation or stimulation, and in post-event relaxation and recovery.

Relaxation – Sports therapy and trigger point massage

Muscular tension, stress and fatigue can affect all of us, so whether you are active or sedentary – you should find massage relaxing and therapeutic.

Our sports and massage specialist

Jo Rees

Joanna Rees is a fully qualified Physiotherapist with seven years of clinical experience. She has worked as a rotational physiotherapist in a large teaching hospital and has specialised in musculoskeletal physiotherapy since 2011.

She has experience in managing acute and chronic sports injuries, work-related disorders and long-term conditions. Jo has experience working alongside consultant physiotherapists to managing complex spinal and peripheral conditions.

Jo is qualified in acupuncture, APPI Pilates, sports massage and has completed her postgraduate training in sports massage, joint manipulation, mobilisation and taping.


Jonathon Watkins

Since qualifying as physiotherapist, Jonnie has worked as a pitch side and rehabilitation physiotherapist for many university and amateur rugby clubs. He specialises in ACL and lower-limb rehab programme management, and was the exercise promotion champion at Gloucester Royal Hospital.

Jonnie spends his spare time climbing and mountaineering and has previous treated and worked with GB and other professional climbers. He likes to research the link between baseline physiological capacity and the risk of developing acute mountain sickness. Jonathon wants to push the achievements of the human body, and regularly uses research to enhance his knowledge.



Physiotherapy rates

Initial consultation

Follow up

Public £40 £37
Staff £35 £32
Members £35 £32
Students £35 £32

Sports massage rates

Massage (30 mins)
Public £25
Staff £22
Members £22
Students £22

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