UWE staff stories - Denis Lane

Denis is a Storeman, working within the Facilities Service.

Denis LaneI joined UWE Bristol four years ago when I moved from Cornwall back to Bristol. I am a very practical person and enjoy working with my hands. Jobs over the years have included dock worker, fitter, bus driver and builder. I was even a chauffeur once and chauffeured an actress from Coronation Street (whose name I did not know), Harry Secombe and Craig Charles from Red Dwarf!

My job requires me to order and deliver the stocks needed by the cleaners. UWE Bristol is a big place, with lots of buildings and people to care for. The people I work with are good fun and we are well taken care of. I like the independence I get to make the orders and deliveries in the best way. I know what I need to do and am trusted to get on and do it. I enjoy getting out and about and meeting people in different roles too.

Outside of work, one of my main hobbies is re-enactments of 19th century life in America, like in the Westerns. Cooking on a fire, living in a tent and gathering food, a bit like Ray Mears! It’s a nice way to get away from some of the trappings of modern life.

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