FAQs for students

Answers to popular queries about car parking on UWE Bristol campuses for students. Please also refer to FAQs for all drivers.

Why can't undergraduate students who live in Bristol park on Frenchay Campus?

Since 2015 all undergraduate students who live in the exclusion zone are not permitted to park on Frenchay Campus.

Our UWE Masterplan – and associated planning requirements – required us to reduce reliance on single occupancy vehicles and offer students and staff good-quality driving alternatives.

There are exemptions for those with mobility restrictions, childcare commitments or those living outside of Bristol.

How do I get a permit?

Your permit can be printed off the MyUWE portal once you have applied.

How long does it take to process my application?

Once you have submitted your term time address you must wait 24 hours for us to run an eligibility check. You can then submit your application and print your permit immediately.

If you are having problems with the process please email us.

I’ve received a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) – what happens next?

Your Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) must be paid within 28 days or your permission to park on campus may be revoked.

If you pay your PCN within 14 days you are offered a 50% discount which is currently £20. This rises to £40 if you choose to pay subsequently. See enforcement and appeals information.

Can I park at the ECC during exam time?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to offer car parking to students at the ECC during examinations. If you have mobility issues or concerns relating to access due to ill health, please contact your examinations officer who will be able to arrange access.

Can I get a refund on my paid permit if I no longer need it?

Student permits are non-refundable and are only valid for one vehicle.

What do I do if my car share partner is away? Can I bring my car in?

Yes. But if the permit is registered to your vehicle and you don't have a passenger, you won't be allowed to park in a car share space.

If the permit is registered to your car share partner’s vehicle, then you’ll need to find an alternative way to campus until they return. We’re looking at options for flexible car share permits, so please watch this space.

I have a courtesy car or personal car hire for a few days - what should I do?

If you're a permit holder, please transfer the permit from your registered vehicle to the courtesy/hire car, along with a dated explanatory note.

I have changed my car during the academic year - do I need to re-apply for a permit?

No you do not need to re-apply, but you must update your vehicle registration number on your permit via the ‘Car parking’ Tab on MyUWE before bringing your car on to site.

If I have a temporary disability, what can I do to make parking easier?

Please contact Disability Services and they'll arrange support for you.

Can I register more than one vehicle on a permit?

No. At the moment, permits only cover one vehicle. But we are looking at flexible car sharing options – if we change our policy at any point, we’ll let you know.

Which permit do I need if I only drive to campus when the weather is bad?

Either one would work. With the free Permission to Park permit, you’ll pay £3 per day. However, the £119 annual permit is equivalent to 40 days’ parking at the daily rate of £3. So if you want to park on campus for more than 40 days in an academic year, then buying a permit is more cost-effective.

Can I park overnight?

Yes. But we need to authorise it first. To do this, please register your vehicle at the visitor reception.

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