FAQs for staff

Answers to popular queries about car parking on UWE Bristol campuses for staff. Please also refer to FAQs for all drivers.

What are the criteria for allocating a permit?

All staff with a University payroll number can apply for a parking permit. If you don't have a university payroll number - or if you're a contractor - please email us for assistance.

Can I get a refund on my permit if I no longer need it?

If you want to withdraw from the scheme, you can do so at any time. Email carparking@uwe.ac.uk to make the request.

Are there any discounts on car parking?

If you're contractually needed to work a shift pattern that partly covers the car parking charge window of 9:00 – 17:00 (ie starting before 7:30 and/or ending after 20:00, as confirmed by their line manager), you'll get a 50% discount on these costs, due to limited public transport options that are available at these times.

Grade A contract

In line with the University’s commitment to the living wage campaign, staff on a UWE Bristol contract at grade A will not have to pay a charge – although they will still need to apply for a permit.

How does a salary sacrifice scheme work? Will it affect my NI contributions, tax or credits?

From April 2018, the government limited the range of benefits in kind, which provide a tax and National Insurance Contributions advantage under salary sacrifice. Car parking is one of the benefits that is affected and all staff will have the fee deducted from monthly earnings as a net deduction.

What happens if I lose my permit?

Use the online portal (staff only access) to reprint your permit.

I would like to car share occasionally - which permit do I need to apply for?

The only requirement - in addition to displaying a normal permit or token for car sharing - is that a passenger is present when parking.

What do I do if my car share partner is away? Can I bring my car in?

Yes. But if the permit is registered to your vehicle and you don't have a passenger, you won't be allowed to park in a car share space.

If the permit is registered to your car share partner’s vehicle, then you’ll need to find an alternative way to campus until they return. We’re looking at options for flexible car share permits, so please watch this space.

I have a courtesy car or personal hire care for a few days - what should I do?

If you're a permit holder, please transfer the permit from your registered vehicle to the courtesy/hire car, along with an explanatory note.

If you do not have a permit, you must apply in the usual way.

I have changed my car - do I need to re-apply for a permit?

Yes, please use the online portal to amend and reprint your permit.

If I have a temporary disability - what can I do to make parking easier?

Please contact Human Resources and they'll arrange support for you.

Can I register more than one vehicle on a permit?

Yes. You can list a maximum of two vehicles.

I normally walk or cycle, but I want to drive when the weather is bad - will I be able to park?

You will need to apply for a pay daily permit and then buy daily parking tokens. Use the online portal to apply for a permit.

Where do I buy daily car parking tokens from?

Frenchay Campus - East reception, SU shops, The Street.

Glenside Campus - Information Point and Traders.

Bower Ashton - Reception, Information Point and SU Shop.


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