Car sharing

By sharing your car journey to UWE Bristol with someone else, you can save both time and money.

The University has developed special car parking for people who car share. The requirement to use these spaces is to have more than one person in your car and to display a valid parking permit.

We are looking to introduce this system at other campuses where demand exists. By car sharing:

  • There will be more convenient places to park at Frenchay.
  • You can save hundreds of pounds a year.
  • You are cutting congestion and reducing the impact of your car on the environment.

Register to find other people looking to car share on UWE Bristol's joinmyjourney, a dedicated site for UWE Bristol staff and students.

Car sharing in Car Park 1

The new car share barrier in Car Park 1 on Frenchay Campus, has been relocated to cover all the spaces in Car Park 1.

Car sharers can now easily find an available space in Car Park 1 throughout the year. Why not:

  • Take the easy option to finding a car parking space.
  • Save time getting to campus on the 2+ lanes around Frenchay.
  • Save money by halving the petrol and parking charges. car sharing with another student to get to UWE Bristol.

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