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Alzheimer's research

We help fund the passionate and dedicated staff in the Centre for Research in Biosciences to pioneer new techniques to tackle Alzheimer’s.

In the UK, cancer research gets eight times as much funding as dementia. By making a donation today, you could not only help find a cure but inspire others to give, so dementia research can receive the same support.

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With the number of dementia sufferers (the most common form being Alzheimer's) in the UK today estimated at 800,000, it is one of the greatest problems facing society in the 21st century. The current cost of dementia to the UK economy is £26 billion a year.

“It is estimated that there will be 34 million people suffering from dementia worldwide by 2025. It is critical that we gain better insights into Alzheimer’s so we can come closer to understanding how to develop treatments that may delay or even prevent its progression.”

Dr Myra Conway, Centre for Research in Biosciences, UWE Bristol.

Leading nations have pledged to find a cure or treatment by 2025, but this will not happen unless we invest in our leading researchers, like those at UWE Bristol.

Dr Myra Conway from the University's Centre for Research in Biosciences is working with UWE Bristol PhD students and Bristol Research into Alzheimer's and Care of the Elderly (BRACE) scholars Matthew Harris and Tom Forshaw, Professor Seth Love and Dr Patrick Kehoe from Bristol's Southmead Hospital, on a three-year project that aims to find biomarkers for diagnosis and effective treatments.

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