Physiotherapy at the Centre for Sport

Physiotherapy and massage

UWE Bristol Sport offers a range of therapies and treatments, delivered by our team of specialists.

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Treatments and therapies


At UWE Bristol we offer physiotherapy treatments aiming to restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability.

You will have an initial diagnostic phase that will be used to create a plan for treatment. One of the keys to this process is providing the information to you so you can become more educated, aware and empowered during your own recovery process.

A typical treatment plan may include mobilisation, specific stretches and exercises to improve body muscle imbalance, ultrasound, taping/strapping, orthotics and advice on modifying your training programme.

Sports massage

A deep form of soft tissue massage used to treat physically active individuals who may be vulnerable to injury because of the stresses placed on their body. Sports massage is good in pre- and post-event situations, whether your needs are for relaxation, stimulation or recovery.


Physiotherapy rates

Initial consultation

Follow up

Public £40 £37
Staff £35 £32
Members £35 £32
Students £35 £32

Sports massage rates

Massage (30 mins)
Public £25
Staff £22
Members £22
Students £22

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