UWE Bristol basketball player Aistis Keliauskas

About Performance Sport

Performance Sport at UWE Bristol aims to provide an elite performance framework that supports student-athletes embracing their potential in sport and academics.

The programme

Performance Sport at UWE Bristol is tailored to you as the student-athlete, providing an environment to assist you in accomplishing your sporting ambitions while at university. This is achieved through a structured holistic support package.

Over the course of your time at the University we’ll attempt to identify your needs as a student-athlete and work with you to provide the appropriate support. We believe our role is to minimise the distractions so you can prioritise what is important while studying and competing with us.

The performance student-athlete

To become a performance student-athlete at UWE Bristol you’ll need to apply for the UWE Bristol Performance Student-Athlete Award. If successful this will mean you’ll be part of a select group of student-athletes who receive additional support whilst competing in your chosen sport. You must meet certain criteria to be considered for this award, which varies depending on your sport.

The sports

The Students' Union at UWE run the clubs for team and individual sports. Competing in the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) framework, the clubs represent UWE Bristol in national competitions against other institutions across the UK.

We currently we have three Performance Sports at UWE Bristol American Football, Men’s Basketball and Squash who all compete in the Premier League within the BUCS framework.

Further information

If you have any questions about the Performance Sport programme email performancesport@uwe.ac.uk.

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