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Programme Design

Supporting your training needs

Programme Design is a one-off structured session plan designed to help you achieve optimal results from your training.

Your unique training programme

One of our fully qualified fitness instructors will design a bespoke, structured session plan to help you achieve optimal results from your training over a set time period.

Your training objectives will be discussed and agreed with the fitness instructor, and a detailed session plan will outline unique exercise routines to assist you in achieving your set objectives.

Sessions last around 40 minutes.

Programme review

A programme review provides the opportunity to review your bespoke training programme with one of our qualified fitness instructors.

The review will consist of the re-evaluation of your current exercises, as well as repetitions and sets, and new goals will be set to help maintain your motivation and ensure that the set programme continues to achieve your desired results. 

Sessions last around 20 minutes.


  Active Card members Gym-only members Non members
Programme Design £17.50 £17.50 £17.50
Review £7.50 £7.50 £7.50

How to book

Please contact us to book your personalised programme.


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