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Employability initiatives

We deliver a series of initiatives, which help students and learners improve their career prospects while taking advantage of opportunities in full-time education.

Our Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) and UWE Bristol Futures give students greater responsibility identifying and recording academic and extra-curricular achievements for their future career. Our Embark award brings these tools to 16-18 year olds so they can start building career focus and direction at earlier stages.

Reporting on UWE Bristol achievements

Our Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) is an electronic report capturing the academic achievements and extra curricular activities of UWE Bristol students.

  • Employers benefit from official records of students' accomplishments with details of the attributes and capabilities they have gained here.
  • Students can boost their CV and career prospects through adding extra-curricular activities and achievements to their degree.

Developing a broader skills base

UWE Bristol Futures is designed to help students learn new skills, gain confidence and improve their graduate job prospects. Students register and choose from a range of interesting and challenging activities covering:

  • Leadership skills
  • Practical experience
  • Student enterprise
  • Global and cultural

Once complete, activities are recorded in a UWE Bristol Futures Award. And the results are shown on their HEAR, recognising extra-curricular achievements.


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