Visualisation of the Heartzone on Frenchay Campus

Masterplan vision

The UWE Bristol New Campus Masterplan is designed to help us evolve and develop our facilities – as we invest in building the best possible environment for our students, staff and university to flourish.

In 2008, Hewlett Packard, UWE’s neighbour at Frenchay Campus, sold 70 acres of land adjoining the campus to us, nearly doubling the size of our site at Frenchay. The newly-acquired land means that we now plan to consolidate our activity onto one site, and we’re investing significantly in our facilities and learning environments.

Our Campus Masterplan gives an illustration of how Frenchay Campus will look after we have completed a series of building projects over the next 10 to 20 years. It firmly establishes us as an internationally-acknowledged centre for knowledge exchange, teaching excellence and research.

The plans will also modernise the University and our activity at our two satellite campuses of Bower Ashton and Glenside. We will be keeping our site at Bower Ashton for the foreseeable future and enhancing the facilities there. Glenside Campus will eventually transfer onto the Frenchay Campus.

In a very tangible way, the new developments highlight our commitment to providing the best possible experience for our students and staff.

What we hope to achieve

The redeveloped campus provides a number of important benefits for our students and staff, and for us as a university:

Better facilities

By refurbishing existing buildings, and building new ones, we are making sure that our staff and students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and learning environments. We are creating a mix of social learning spaces and more formal ones, and making use of the latest technology to enhance the way learning and teaching happens at UWE Bristol.

An inspiring place to work and learn

The developments will enhance the quality of experience people can expect when they come to work or study with us, with green, pleasant, healthy and sustainable buildings and outside spaces – and environments where people feel inspired to learn, progress and flourish.

Improved academic, research and corporate performance

The new developments will firmly position us as a leading educational institution, which in turn should boost our position in the rankings, and create new income streams for the University, ensuring our sustainability and continued success.

Fit for the 21st century

The new campus should inspire, motivate and attract more students, staff, employers and other partners to choose to work and study with us. All of our sites will be well integrated with local communities and easily accessible by foot, bike and public transport.

A catalyst for development and change

Ultimately, the developments are designed to act as a catalyst for enhancing the way we operate and evolve as a university over the coming years. In a very tangible way, they highlight our commitment to providing the best possible experience for our students and staff.

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